Cecilia Saddler

Director of Equity and Impact


Cecilia, in collaboration with Search Institute team members, brings the mission of advancing equity to life, both internally and externally. She has a history of working with district leaders, school leaders, and staff to create a more positive and nurturing experience for young people within a school system – academically, socially and emotionally, as well as working to place future teachers into student teaching field experiences. Cecilia holds a Master of Arts in Teaching in English Education. She has maintained her teacher's license, principal's license and superintendent license, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She brings 25 years of experience working with applied research in a K-12 school setting, as well as teacher professional development and school leadership development. She also has experience in increasing participation with advanced course access for students of color and teacher training for equity strategies within a school setting. Her areas of expertise include creating positive outcomes and experiences for youth, as well as coaching and supporting individuals in their equity journey. The youth of today are the voice that is shaping our society. Cecilia engages in youth development work to capture that voice, see the world through that lens and support the youth journey as they make their mark on the world.

Photo of Cecilia Saddler