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What’s Up with Our Kids? Understanding Your Survey Results

Search Institute surveys are research-based methods of measuring the strengths, supports, and challenges in the lives of young people. Once someone has administered a Search Institute survey, this followup workshop provides a clear, understandable guide to sharing the results with stakeholders and taking action based on the results to strengthen the developmental assets and relationships that we know help young people overcome difficulties and thrive. 

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What’s Up with Our Kids? Understanding Your Survey Results is a highly interactive presentation tailored for organizations that have administered Search Institute’s Attitudes and Behaviors survey or the Developmental Assets Profile survey. A Search Institute facilitator presents the survey results and invites stakeholders to take action based on the findings.

"I feel challenged to begin some of the things I heard today!"
Course Participant Organization Director

Learning Objectives

  • Build understanding among stakeholder of the strengths, supports, and challenges in the lives of young people

  • Increase buy-in and investment by stakeholders in a collective vision for youth success

  • Identify concrete actions that each stakeholder group can take based on survey findings from results of the Attitudes and Behaviors or the Developmental Assets Profile surveys

Workshop Structure

  • In Person 2 hour workshop

  • Available Virtually as a 1 hour and a half hour workshop

Who Should Attend

  • Community leaders and stakeholders

  • Educators

  • Religious leaders

  • Parents

  • Youth

  • Business leaders

  • Law enforcement personnel

  • Youth workers

Time Required

Up to 2 Hours In Person

Up to 1.5 Hours Virtually

"The hands-on work helped me start thinking and applying our survey data correctly."
Course Participant Teacher

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Upcoming Sessions

We’ve scheduled live, online sessions of this workshop at the following times and dates. These workshops are open to all participants. Click to register.

Location Price Cut Off Dates Register
DEC 6-7, 2022 Engaging Families: A Relationship-Based Approach Virtual (via Zoom) $199-245 11/22/22 • 12/4/22
FEB 16-16, 2024 Test Workshop Minneapolis, MN $65.00 2/6/24 • 2/15/24
APR 15-16, 2024 Intentional Relationships Virtual $245-275 2/1/24 • 4/12/24
APR 22-26, 2024 Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships Virtual $695 2/1/24 • 4/18/24