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Attitudes and Behaviors Survey

The Attitudes and Behaviors Survey provides a snapshot of the current experiences and perspectives of youth in schools, programs, or communities.

Measuring Your Impact with Young People

The Attitudes and Behaviors Survey gives a snapshot of the current experiences and perspectives of youth in schools, programs, or communities. It emphasizes the strengths and supports they currently have and need, and how those positive indicators protect against risk behaviors. This widely used survey grew out of more than 30 years of research on the framework of Developmental Assets. Like all of our surveys, it is used by schools, organizations, coalitions, and programs seeking to understand young people’s lives through their strengths, supports, and resources.

Listening to Youth

The Attitudes and Behaviors Survey is a research-based tool to assess the strengths, supports, and social-emotional factors essential for young people’s lives. It will help you learn where you are succeeding, and where there’s room for improvement. It puts youth voices at the center of your school or program’s actions.

The survey measures the following:

  • 40 Developmental Assets™ — including external supports and internal strengths
  • 24 youth risk behavior elements, including substance use, depression, and antisocial behavior
  • 10 high-risk behavior patterns
  • Key social and emotional skills
  • 8 thriving indicators, including success in school, valuing diversity, maintaining good health, exhibiting leadership, resisting danger, delaying gratification, and overcoming adversity
  • 5 developmental deficits, including spending time alone at home, television overexposure, experiencing violence or physical abuse, drinking parties

Using Survey Data to Catalyze Communities

Creating a positive vision for young people means understanding their viewpoints and behaviors. Thousands of communities have started their journey toward building better relationships with the data from the Attitudes and Behaviors Survey. For example, Project Cornerstone, in California’s Silicon Valley, has used it as an essential tool to guide its literacy program.

"So many people want to make a difference and this framework has helped them connect to each other and helped kids become their best selves."
Anne Ehresman, Former Executive Director Project Cornerstone

Using the Survey to Guide Priorities

The Attitudes and Behaviors Survey has also been used to:

  • Assist state and local educators in monitoring indicators related to student well-being
  • Set priorities for programs and services
  • Provide a common framework for cross-sector collaboration
  • Provide data for grant writing
  • Provide data for reports to funding agencies
  • Provide a youth voice in organizational and community planning

Attitudes and Behaviors Survey Details

The online survey is designed for young people in grades 6-12. The minimum number of youth needed for the report is 50. It includes 160 questions, and takes 30 minutes to complete.

It Includes the following elements:

  • Assessments for each participating youth
  • User guide for planning survey administration
  • In-depth aggregate reports
  • The following options are also available:
  • Aggregate report(s) of multiple sites
  • Data planning consult on-site, online, or via phone
  • Data presentation
  • Professional learning workshops
  • Sub-reports based on a specific cohort of youth, determined by you
  • Raw data
  • Technical assistance, consulting, workshops, or presentations
  • Related print publications

Recommended Users

Schools, communities, coalitions, community initiatives, municipalities, public health organizations, and prevention organizations have all benefited from using the Attitudes and Behaviors Survey.


Site report – $400

  • Includes up to 100 surveys

Aggregate report of multiple sites – $400

  • Does not include surveys

Each additional survey – $3.50

  • Beyond the included 100 surveys

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