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Published insights from our multi-method, rigorous research on positive youth development.

Search Institute research findings and insights have been used the world over to strengthen the developmental relationships that help young people learn, grow, and thrive. Our most powerful learning occurs at the nexus of theory, research, and practice.

We are driven by curiosity about what young people need to succeed — and how they contribute to their communities and the world. We are continually discovering new ways to shape and deepen developmental relationships by working in partnerships with youth-serving organizations.

Search Institute research is anchored in positive youth development approaches and is impacting several disciplines, including child development, family systems, prevention science, social learning, social capital, and community development.

Youth Development Research and Insights

Our applied youth development research includes studies that seek to understand the contexts and conditions that affect:

We understand that context matters for developmental relationships, and examine:

We use multiple methods and rigorous approaches in our research design, to understand and promote positive youth development at the intersection of foundational relationships and equity.

How to Build Strong Relationships in a Changing World

Minnesota study of schools and OST programs showcases ways that staff and leaders can shift their approach to overcome the impact of COVID-19.

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