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From Data, to Dialogue, to Action, to Impacting Young People’s lives.

Our measurements include surveys used by schools, organizations, coalitions, and programs that seek to understand young people’s lives through their strengths, supports, and resources. Search Institute measurements include the Developmental Relationships Survey, the Developmental Assets Profile, the Youth and Program Strengths Survey, and the Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) Survey. Our measurements and approach are designed to provide actionable data to inspire and drive action to impact young people's lives.

Our Surveys

The Developmental Relationships Survey

The Developmental Relationships Survey measures the state of youth-adult relationships in a school or organization as a first step to being able to implement the kinds of solutions young people need to be and become their best selves. It includes measures on social emotional competencies and equitable practices and environments (DEI).

The Developmental Assets Profile

The Developmental Assets Profile (DAP) is a reliable and valid assessment of the strengths, supports, and social-emotional factors that are essential for young people’s success in school and life. It grows out of years of research with millions of young people and is based on Search Institute’s framework of Developmental Assets.

The Youth and Program Strengths Survey

The Youth and Program Strengths Survey (YAPS) measures how young people participating in out-of-school time programs experience their time in the programs. It introduces youth perspectives by focusing on the young people’s internal strengths and external supports. It helps program leaders understand how to shape programs that can protect young people from risk while promoting resilience and thriving.

The Attitudes and Behaviors Survey

The Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) Survey provides a snapshot of the current experiences and perspectives of adolescent youth in schools, programs, or communities. It emphasizes the strengths and supports they currently have and need, and how those positive indicators protect against risk behaviors.

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