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Current Projects

Advancing positive youth development at the intersections of relationships, research science, and equity.

Search Institute works with partners and funders around the world on numerous research projects to advance positive youth development. Our research is multi-method, rigorous, and practice-based. Learn about our current projects and associated research and resources below. 

Current Projects

Educator-to-Educator Relationships

The Educator-to-Educator Relationships (E2E) Framework articulates the essential elements and actions that foster strong and healthy relationships between educators.

Youth Ecological Strengths (YES)

The Youth Ecological Strengths (YES) Project reviews existing literature and measurement tools on youth ecological strengths, the strengths and assets that youth have across relational contexts.

Social Capital Tools Project

The Social Capital Tools Project co-develops tools and resources with youth-serving organizations in the emerging field of social capital, including the Youth Opportunity Toolkit and Youth Opportunity Navigator.

Student Voice to Student Outcomes Project

The project builds evidence of the value of student voice practices on student engagement and performance outcomes, and in creating more equitable learning environments for all.

Spiritual Thriving in African American, Latino/Hispanic, and Low-Income Families: Reimagining Messages and Tools for Change

This Spiritual Thriving project is a multi-year human-centered design project with families, community organizations, and faith communities to develop messaging and tools to support spiritual thriving in families.

Rooted in Relationships: Cultivating Character Through Communities of Practice

Rooted in Relationships explores the intersections of developmental relationships, organizational partnerships, and communities of practice.

Cultural Adaptation of Developmental Relationships in Education

The CADRE project is designed to support educators in the implementation of Developmental Relationships so that they can build strong relationships with all of their students.

Positioning Mentors as Social Capital Builders

In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies, this project will design and test the effectiveness of a mentoring-focused toolkit aimed at enhancing youth social capital development as young people develop and pursue life goals.