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This resource hub is the place to access Search Institute’s research-informed resources on relationships. In the last decade, we have been advancing our work on positive youth development by partnering with youth organizations to create tools and resources that build and strengthen developmental relationships that all young people need to thrive.

Our goal is not just to study developmental relationships. Now that we understand how important they are, we want to increase the number of young people who experience them. And you have a key role in making that happen. That is why we are sharing these important resources with you.

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Getting Started

Understand the foundations of developmental relationships and why they matter.

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Framework for Action

Discover the developmental relationships framework and learn how to use it.

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Class or Group Setting

Build strong developmental relationships in a class or group setting.

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Families and Networks

Find out how young people benefit from developmental relationships within families and across social networks.

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Across the Organization

Discover how to create relationship-rich organizations.

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Beyond Our Work

Explore tools and applied research from other organizations that are focused on relationships.

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