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Navigating by Our Stars

A downloadable activity where participants reflect and write about their deeply held values and write a message to a younger person to share their values.

Navigating by Our Stars is a 45-minute downloadable activity where participants reflect on and write about their most deeply held values. They also write a message to a younger person to share their values.

Encouraging young people to think about their values and use those values to make decisions sets them up to be their best selves. This activity allows young people to reflect on the values that guide their choices and to share that with others. Participants will explore holding themselves and each other accountable to their values.

Planning and Preparation: This activity can work with any number of participants. You’ll need to download and print copies of the handouts, The Stars That Guide Me and Your Message. Participants will need a pen or pencil. Works best in a quiet setting where participants have space to write and reflect.

Developmental Relationship Element: All.

CASEL Competencies: Self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, responsible decision-making.

Objective: Build and strengthen relationships among participants and between participants and leaders.


Navigating by Our Stars

Resource Audience


Resource Type


Read Time

5-15 Minutes



# of Participants


Task Group Size

Independent Pairs Whole Group (Any Size)

Task Length

31-60 Minutes