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Social Capital Customizable Presentation

Use this customizable slide deck to help you share information with key stakeholders about the importance of social capital for all young people.

To create momentum and excitement around your organization’s commitment to supporting youth social capital, it is important to communicate its importance and impact to key stakeholders.

Key stakeholders might include young people, families of young people in your organization, organizational leaders and program staff, and other community and organization partners.

There are many ways to communicate the importance of youth social capital with different stakeholders. You are best positioned to select the appropriate approaches based on your past experiences and the specific stakeholder you seek to reach.

This customizable presentation is a great way to share the importance of youth social capital with organizational leaders and program staff. You can tailor this presentation to meet the needs of your specific context and audience. For example, it might be used at an upcoming staff meeting or at the launch of a new initiative.


Social Capital Customizable Presentation

Resource Audience

Adults Youth Program Leaders Teachers School / Youth Program Staff