NAF So Cap Video Hero

What is youth Social Capital?

This short video is a great way to help young people understand the importance of social capital.

Search Institute collaborated with National Academies Foundation (NAF) to create this youth-facing video about what social capital is and how it can be a valuable asset for young people.

We recommend sharing this video with the youth and young adults you work most closely with to help them better understand how their web of supportive relationships can help them pursue their life goals.


Use this video as an opportunity to have a discussion about social capital with young people Consider the follow questions prompts below to help facilitate this conversation:

  • What did you think of this video? What did you learn?

  • Why do you think social capital and positive relationships are important?

  • Did the video give you any ideas of different people in your life who can help you? What are some ways different people might help you or others?

  • How might you help others, such as your friends or family?


What is youth Social Capital?

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