Katherine Ross, Ph.D.

Research Scientist



Katherine is a mixed methods Research Scientist and her work is aimed at identifying and optimizing young people’s ecological strengths. She has a 15-year career in the field of positive youth development and has focused on school research, examining social and emotional learning programs as a lever for student success, as well as community research, examining the unique strengths and assets of youth and young adults in communities with high rates of violence as an avenue for youth violence prevention. She’s currently focused on expanding positive youth development models and measures to represent diverse youth populations and settings, youth and practitioner expertise, and promote equity. Katherine completed a postdoc at Virginia Commonwealth University, her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Applied Developmental Science from the University of Virginia, and her B.S. in Psychology at Pennsylvania State University. Katherine loves to ask big questions; ultimately, she believes that all youth deserve access to opportunities that nurture and propel their goals, strengths, and passions.

Photo of Katherine Ross