Michael Wright, MA

Senior Learning Manager




As Senior Learning Manager, Michael helps ensure that Search Institute's various projects and initiatives are consistent and memorable learning experiences. He has provided instructional design expertise for a number of clients and has worked as an adjunct professor teaching composition, communication, and the humanities. Michael also has significant communication experience, having worked as the Director of Communications for Bridge Projects, a Los Angeles gallery, as well as serving in editorial and social media roles for multiple agencies focused on higher education. As a social media manager in higher education and the humanities, he has plenty of experience distilling big ideas into accessible, warm language, and sees his role as a curator and an instructional designer in the same way: intentionally organizing content into memorable and pleasing experiences. Michael holds an MA in theology and the arts and a BA in English. Michael focuses on the overlapping fields of education, media and communication, and builds bridges between people and the ideas waiting to inspire them. He is grateful to be on a team working to close the gap between research and practice for youth-serving organizations.

Photo of Michael Wright