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Youth Lead: A Youth Leadership Workshop for Young People

Young people are great leaders. They already possess the energy, imagination, and potential to solve problems and create change. Youth Lead: A Youth Leadership Workshop for Young People helps focus and build on young people’s strengths and helps them develop confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. Youth Lead encourages collaboration, inspires curiosity, and celebrates the leadership that exists in all young people.


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Youth Lead: A Youth Leadership Workshop for Young People is a workshop for young people to explore the leadership qualities they can bring to their schools and communities. Building leadership skills in young people can help them develop confidence, self esteem, and motivation, along with offering support and guidance to their peer community. This fun and engaging workshop focuses on how individual’s Developmental Assets and strengths help young people hone their own personal approach to leadership.

"It was really awesome, and I would like to do it again."
Middle School Student and Workshop Participant Youth Lead

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize different ways of being a leader. (There is no “one size fits all”)
  • Identify your Internal and External Developmental Assets and explain how the elements show up in your own and other’s leadership.
  • Understand how Developmental Assets can help protect and promote healthy development.
  • Practice relational skills to be a stronger leader.
  • Create a plan to use your assets, qualities, and strengths in everyday leadership.

Workshop Structure

  • In Person half day workshop at your location

Who Should Attend

  • Middle school youth

  • High school youth

  • Adult mentors and program staff

Time Required

  • 3 - 4 Hours In Person

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