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Practical Solutions

Professional learning, surveys, and practical solutions to support you in helping young people succeed and thrive.

Everyone who works with young people — educators, youth program workers, and community members — shares a common goal of helping young people succeed and thrive.

Evidence from our research studies has consistently shown that parents, teachers, and out-of-school time program staff need and want better support for creating connections with the young people in their lives.

Through the research-to-practice partnerships with youth-serving organizations, Search Institute has developed practical solutions, including professional learning opportunities, measurements, and surveys that will help assess where your organization is on its developmental relationship journey, further your professional development goals, and strengthen your relationships with young people.

Professional Learning

We offer several learning experiences that will inspire and equip you and your organization to help young people thrive.

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Open enrollment workshops

Bring teams and individuals from organizations together to learn from Search Institute facilitators and from each other

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Tailored workshops

Offer a customized learning experience for your school or organization.

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Search Institute speakers

Offer keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops at national and international events, offering practical and engaging presentations customized to suit your needs.

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Our surveys are used by schools, organizations, coalitions, and programs that seek to understand their young people’s lives through their strengths, supports, and resources. Our surveys include:

The Developmental Relationships Survey measures the effectiveness of relationships in a school or organization as a first step to being able to implement the kinds of solutions young people need to be and become their best selves. Based on Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Framework, it includes valid and reliable indicators of how young people experience developmental relationships, social and emotional competencies, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

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The Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) Survey gives a snapshot of the current experiences and perspectives of your adolescent youth in schools, programs, or communities. It emphasizes the strengths and supports they currently have and need, and how those positive indicators protect against youth risk behavior. This widely used survey grew out of more than 20 years of research on the framework of Developmental Assets.

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The Developmental Assets Profile (DAP) is a reliable and valid assessment of the strengths, supports, and social-emotional factors that are essential for young people’s success in school and life. It grows out of years of research with millions of young people and is based on Search Institute’s framework of Developmental Assets.

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The Youth and Program Strengths Survey (YAPS) evaluates the quality of an in school- or community-based out-of-school time program. It measures how young people experience the program, program features and opportunities that define a high-quality program, which can protect young people from risk while promoting resilience and thriving.

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