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Collaborative Decision-Making | Curriculum

Various tool types can be used to engage students in collaborative decision-making about the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and homework, and classroom culture. Some of these tools require working with an individual student, some are better suited to small group work, and others are designed to promote whole class discussion. Whichever tool type you use, the benefits will spread to the entire class. These tools and activities focus on curriculum.

Personalized learning plans are co-constructed documents that identify what a student will learn and be able to do by a particular period of time, how the student will develop these competencies, and how the student will demonstrate them. Student Study Circles allow students to collectively pursue a topic of shared interest in small groups. Dotocracy engages students in voting using sticky dots to record their preferences.


Personalized Learning Plan


Craft a personalized plan with your student to support their learning objectives and individual goals.

Student Study Circles

Small Group

Help students self-organize into small groups to study particular topics or readings.


Whole Class

Dotocracy is a way to vote as a class using sticker dots. The teacher provides (or the class generates) a list of 8-12 options of texts to read, topics to study, or essential questions to pursue.

Student Voice Toolkit

Student Voice in the Classroom