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Human Map (E2E)

This simple and short activity allows you to get to know your colleagues professionally and personally through talking about the similarities and differences in your backgrounds.

Everyone brings with them rich histories and background experiences that are not always noticeable to others in the day-to-day. For educators, it is important that these personal stories and experiences are acknowledged by their peer group to increase their web of support through positive educator relationships. When educators feel that their lives outside of school are valued, their work inside the school becomes more meaningful. When these positive relationships are lacking, they may feel isolated or burdened without the ability to feel seen or heard by their peers. The Human Map activity below provides a fun opportunity for educators to connect with their peers and bridge the gap between lives inside and outside of school. First, complete the activity with 6 or more educators. Then, importantly, debrief as a group to reflect on how acknowledging others' contexts might help educators to improve relationships and form unique webs of support.

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Human Map (E2E)