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Inspiration Wall

Inspiration Wall: Identify People Who Expand Possibilities is an activity of 30 or more minutes where participants create a visual artwork based on people who inspire them and broaden their horizons.

Planning and Preparation: This activity works with 10-15 participants. It takes at least 30 minutes, and perhaps more, depending on how much time the group devotes to the visual aspects of the collage. You’ll need paper; pens or pencils; flip chart paper or white board; markers; poster board or display board (optional); glue sticks, glue or tape; computer or printer for printing photos, quotations, or other artifacts found online (optional); paper of different colors and textures and other art supplies to decorate a collage (optional). If possible, identify a wall space where the collage can stay up. Or as an alternative, create a display board, binder, or book that can be pulled out again in the future. See facilitator notes for dealing with issues that may arise, such as someone choosing a harmful person or polarizing figure.

Developmental Relationship Element: Expand Possibilities.

CASEL Competencies: collaborating, responsible decision-making.

Objective: Build and strengthen relationships among participants and between participants and leaders. Deepen understanding of Expand Possibilities in Search Institute’s developmental relationships framework.