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What I Am Curious About

What I Am Curious About: Exploring Ideas Expands Possibilities is a 30-minute activity where participants use a beach ball that has been prepared with suggested categories to generate thought-provoking ideas and get to know each other. It prompts participants to generate new ideas about things they want to learn more about and how they might connect each other with new resources.

Planning and Preparation: This 30-minute activity works with up to 30 participants, divided into groups of 8-10. You’ll need one beach ball for each group of 5-8 participants. As an alternative, you can use dice and a list of categories. If you use the ball, write a different category in each section of the ball. Categories can be customized for your community. They can include: music/arts; sports; cultures, religion, spirituality, or philosophy; school subjects; technology; science; social media; government/politics; careers; family; food; popular culture; current events. You will toss the ball to participants, and have them find the category closest to their right thumb. They will tell the group something they are curious about in that category. The activity can be as silly or serious as you choose to make it.

Developmental Relationship Element: Expand Possibilities.

CASEL Competencies: communication, self-awareness, social awareness.

Objective: Build and strengthen relationships among participants and between participants and leaders. Deepen understanding of Expand Possibilities in Search Institute’s developmental relationships framework.


What I Am Curious About

Resource Audience


Resource Type


Read Time

Under 5 Minutes



# of Participants

Over 20 Partipants

Task Group Size

Pairs Medium Groups (6-15)

Task Length

16-30 Minutes