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Learning from Failures and Mistakes

Learning from Failures and Mistakes: Challenge Growth by Overcoming Obstacles is a 10-minute activity where participants watch Failure Before Success, a video where some celebrities recount how they learned from failure. They also interview an adult in their community who experienced failure and learned from it.

Planning and Preparation: This activity works with any number of participants. If the group is large, you can split into groups of 4-6 for the presentations. You will need access to a projector or screen to show the video Famous Failures Before Success. You will also need copies of Interview Planning, pens or pencils for participants, a whiteboard, screen or poster paper, and 1-2 sheets of blank paper for participants.

Developmental Relationship Element: Challenge Growth.

CASEL Competencies: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making.

Objective: Deepen understanding of Challenge Growth within Search Institute's developmental relationships framework.


Learning from Failures and Mistakes

Resource Audience


Resource Type


Read Time

5-15 Minutes



# of Participants


Task Group Size

Independent 1:1 Pairs Small Groups (3-5) Medium Groups (6-15) Whole Group (Any Size)

Task Length

10-15 Minutes