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Spider Web

Spider Web: Lifting Up People Who Provide Support is a 30-minute activity that serves as a metaphor for the support that people provide for each other. Participants stand in a circle with the facilitator. The facilitator gives the ball of yarn or string to one participant and asks them to name one person in their life that supports them and what that person does to support them. Then they throw it to another participant while holding onto the end of the yarn. The process continues until everyone has shared. When the yarn runs out, the facilitator asks participants to look at the web they’ve created and think about how people are connected to one another.

Planning and Preparation: is a 30-minute activity that can be done with 8-15 participants; if you have more, consider splitting into smaller groups. You’ll need a ball of yarn or string, a beach ball or balloon, and scissors. Works best in an open area with enough space to form a circle.

Developmental Relationship Element: Provide Support.

CASEL Competencies: listening, communication, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills.

Objective: Build and strengthen relationships among participants and between participants and leaders. Deepen understanding of Provide Support in Search Institute’s developmental relationships framework.


Spider Web

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6-10 Participants 11-20 Particants Over 20 Partipants

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Medium Groups (6-15)

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16-30 Minutes