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Student Feedback | Curriculum

Various tool types can be used to solicit student input into or feedback. Some of these tools are survey-based, using either number scales or open-ended responses. Some are discussion-based, involving interviews, small group discussions, or whole class discussions. Some are more creative, and rely on skits and role-playing, drawings, or photographs. This selection of activities provides different approaches to assist in eliciting student feedback with regard to curriculum.

A KWLW is used to bookend a course or a unit. At the beginning of the course or unit, it helps to garner student input into the curricular content. The class brainstorm activity engages students in discussing what they want to learn about in the course or unit. A more creative option encourages students to write a letter to themselves reflecting on what they hope they will have learned and how they will feel about themselves at the end of the unit or the end of your class.

Curriculum Resources



Learn what students know, want to know, and still wonder about a topic of study.

Class Brainstorm


Identify the topics and skills your students want to learn.

Letter to Future Self


Identify what your students hope to learn by the end of your unit or class.

Student Voice Toolkit

Student Voice in the Classroom