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Student Feedback | Overall Learning Experience

Various tool types can be used to solicit student input into or feedback on curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and homework, classroom culture, or the overall learning experience. Some of these tools are survey-based, using either number scales or open-ended responses. Some are discussion-based, involving interviews, small group discussions, or whole class discussions. Some are more creative, and rely on skits and role-playing, drawings, or photographs. These tools and activities focus on the Overall Learning Experience.

Start-Stop-Continue. is a feedback activity where teachers gather information about elements of their practice that students would like to see them start, stop, or continue. A State of the Classroom conversation promotes collective reflection on what is working in the classroom and what could be improved to promote deeper engagement and learning. A Suggestion Box is a physical box in the classroom into which students can drop anonymous ideas for improving the classroom or their learning experience.




Gather information about what your students think needs to happen, needs to stop happening, and needs to keep happening in your class.

State of the Classroom


Learn what students like about the class and what they believe could be improved.

Suggestion Box


Learn what ideas students have for how to improve the classroom and their learning experience.

Student Voice Toolkit

Student Voice in the Classroom