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Student Feedback | Pedagogy

Various tool types can be used to solicit student input into or feedback. Some of these tools are survey-based, using either number scales or open-ended responses. Some are discussion-based, involving interviews, small group discussions, or whole class discussions. Some are more creative, and rely on skits and role-playing, drawings, or photographs. These activities and tools focus on pedagogy.

The spot-check is a quick close-ended survey that lists a number of instructional strategies the teacher uses and asks students to rate each according to how often they perceive the instructor using it and how much they learn from it. The Top 10 and Diamond Sort are designed to stimulate discussion about instructional approaches or pedagogy. The picture essay allows students to depict effective teaching and learning in the classroom.




Learn which of your instructional strategies students see as effective and most commonly used.

Top Ten List and Diamond Sort


Investigate which pedagogical strategies are most effective in your class through list-making and value-sorting.

Picture Essay


Learn which of your instructional strategies students find most helpful.

Student Voice Toolkit

Student Voice in the Classroom