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Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships

Middle school years are challenging for young people and their families, as youth are growing and changing, and other demands put stresses on families. Teachers, family service organizations, out-of-school-time programs and faith communities experience difficulties in keeping parents and families engaged.

Keep Connected Institute is a workshop series designed for people who work with middle school parents and youth to help everyone prepare for the changes they will encounter as young people enter their teen years. This series of six workshops will help prepare parents and youth for the changes they will be facing as they enter their teen years.


At Search Institute we help you apply research to relationships in practical and impactful ways. Whether you need workshops, surveys, continuous improvement, or more—reach out to discover solutions that are right for you.

"This is really empowering for professionals in our field. It’s always valuable learning from people who are in the same boat as you. I feel like we need to find new ways to support families."
Workshop Participant Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Relationships

Learning Objectives

  • The research-based framework for strengthening relationships that young people need to learn, grow, and thrive

  • An introduction to the six-session interactive Keep Connected workshop series that strengthens parent-youth relationships

Workshop Structure

  • One 2-day workshop at your location

  • An introduction to the Keep Connected workshop series

  • A curriculum and guidebook that provides tools to lead Keep Connected sessions

  • Handouts in Spanish and English

  • Resources and guides to help engage families and promote the program in your community

Who Should Attend

Keep Connected Institute is designed for teams of two or more who work with youth and parents, especially:

  • School leaders, especially middle school

  • Parent-teacher coordinators

  • Family engagement program leaders

  • Juvenile justice programs

  • Child and family services programs

  • Family engagement programs

  • Faith-based programs

  • Community education programs

  • PTA/PTO leaders

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