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Beyond Our Work

Our research and practice has taught us that young people are strong, diverse, and resilient. We know many of them face major personal and social challenges. And regardless of who they are, all young people deserve to be heard, understood, and supported in becoming their best selves.

We anchor our research in positive youth development approaches, drawing from several disciplines, including child development, family systems, prevention science, social learning, social capital, and community development.

In our continuing journey to explore the best ways to build developmental relationships in schools, programs, and communities, we draw upon the scholars, practitioners, and leaders who are also committed to this mission.

Search Institute recommends the following organizations and tools to build on our work around relationships and positive youth development. We have also included a selection of research from outside Search Institute that we found helpful in creating and refining the developmental relationships framework and furthering our understanding of the ways social capital helps young people pursue their goals.

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For decades, Search Institute has engaged in a wide range of applied youth development research. Hundreds of publications have shared our findings.

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