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Everything we do at Search Institute is based on the knowledge that young people thrive when they are experiencing strong developmental relationships with the adults in their lives. These relationships are important for all young people, regardless of race, gender, ability, or economic background. When young people experience supportive developmental relationships in their families, schools, programs, and communities, they are more likely to develop resilience when they face challenges and to grow and thrive.

When we listen to what young people say about relationships, we discover a gap between their perception of relationships and that of the adults that surround them. We want to help close that gap by providing you with tools that highlight the importance of developmental relationships and the power you have to strengthen those relationships for all young people to learn and grow.

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Measure what Matters

Developmental relationships are the roots of success for young people. We have created measures that will help assess the state of the developmental relationships in your school, program, or community.

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