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Roses and Thorns

A check-in activity that invites participants to share the highs and lows of their week.

Roses and Thorns is a check-in activity that can be done with up to 30 participants. What was something that went well (rose)? What was a challenge (thorn)? What are they looking forward to (rosebud). If you think this metaphor won’t resonate with your group, try "highs and lows," or "glows and grows."

Planning and Preparation: This 45-minute activity (depending on number of participants) can work anywhere where participants can sit in a circle. No materials are needed, but you may want to incorporate an object that participants pass around to signify who has the floor.

Developmental Relationship Element: All.

CASEL Competencies: Self-awareness.

Objective: Build and strengthen relationships among participants and between participants and leaders.


Roses and Thorns

Resource Audience


Resource Type


Read Time

Under 5 Minutes



# of Participants

1-5 Participants 6-10 Participants 11-20 Particants Over 20 Partipants

Task Group Size

Whole Group (Any Size)

Task Length

31-60 Minutes