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Explore free research-based tools, activities, measures and more so you can build lasting relationships where young people thrive.

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Why Relationships Matter

They Shape Who We Are image.

They Shape Who We Are

They Shape Who We Are is a five-minute video introducing Search Institute's work with five partner organizations that wanted to strengthen relationships with young people.

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Developmental Relationships Framework image.

Developmental Relationships Framework

The developmental relationships framework identifies five strategies to strengthen and deepen the relationships that help young people grow and thrive.

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The Rooted in Relationships Model image.

The Rooted in Relationships Model

The Rooted in Relationships model outlines conditions that help organizations & programs focus on the developmental relationships young people need to succeed.

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Resources Tailored to Your Role

Youth Program Leaders image.

Youth Program Leaders

Learn how to be highly effective in deepening and strengthening relationships with all young people in your program.

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Parenting Adults image.

Parenting Adults

Explore tools and resources for strengthening family relationships.

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Teachers image.


Boost student engagement by enhancing developmental relationships in your class.

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School/Youth Program Staff image.

School/Youth Program Staff

Learn how to build strong relationships at your school or program.

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School/Youth Organization Leaders image.

School/Youth Organization Leaders

Explore actions and strategies to build developmental relationships as a practice across your organization to become relationship-rich.

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District Leaders image.

District Leaders

Discover the conditions needed to help your district focus on the developmental relationships young people need to succeed.

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Resources on Key Topics

Social & Emotional Development image.

Social & Emotional Development

Get insights and tools to practice a variety of relational skills and strengthen social and emotional competencies.

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Building Relationships & Social Capital image.

Building Relationships & Social Capital

Keep pace with the latest strategies, tools, and metrics that build and strengthen youth networks.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion image.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Explore research and resources to create intentional, inclusive, and equitable spaces for all youth.

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Engaging Families image.

Engaging Families

Cultivate relationships with, within, and among families.

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Resources for Where Relationships Are Built

In the Classroom image.

In the Classroom

Build strong developmental relationships during the school day.

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At School image.

At School

Create strong relationships within a school program.

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Out-of-school Time Program image.

Out-of-school Time Program

Discover the power of relationships within out-of-school time programs.

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Faith-based Program image.

Faith-based Program

Explore how to reframe developmental relationships at your faith-based program.

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At Home image.

At Home

Find out how young people benefit from developmental relationships within families.

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Across the Organization image.

Across the Organization

Discover how to create relationship-rich organizations.

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