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Social Capital (SoCap) Tools Project

All young people have the potential to reach their education and career goals when they are connected to opportunities and when they are supported by a web of meaningful relationships. This is what Search Institute refers to as social capital.

Members of the Search Institute research team include Ashley Boat, Ph.D. and Justin Roskopf. The research team gratefully acknowledges the input of educators from a variety of research partners.

This project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Through the Social Capital Tools project, we are partnering with an exemplary group of youth-serving organizations in the emerging field of social capital development. Through this collaboration we are co-designing and pilot testing an innovative tool called the Youth Opportunity Navigator. This tool is designed to equip organizations and practitioners to gain insights into how they support youth in building transformative relationships and connections, while also providing practical solutions to support moving from data to action.

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Youth Opportunity Navigator

Youth Opportunity Navigator is an exciting new tool in development by Search Institute that supports youth-serving organizations and practitioners in measuring and strengthening social capital — the resources that arise from a web of relationships, which people can access and mobilize to help them improve their lives and achieve their goals.

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Youth Opportunity Toolkit

The Youth Opportunity Toolkit provides assessments, strategies and practices youth-serving practitioners can use to help young people grow their social capital and reach their goals.

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