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Intentional Relationships

Extensive research shows that certain kinds of relationships are key to young people’s educational and emotional development. Yet many professionals who work with young people — especially in marginalized communities — face challenges in forming the developmental relationships that we know young people need.

The Intentional Relationships Workshop is designed for educators and staff from youth programs to learn a research-based approach to deepening and strengthening the developmental relationships that benefit young people’s learning and development. It introduces participants to Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Framework. It also includes a copy of the Relationship Builder’s Guidebook, a 200+ page guide to becoming more intentional in building developmental relationships full of strategies and activities that can be integrated into classes or groups.


At Search Institute we help you apply research to relationships in practical and impactful ways. Whether you need workshops, surveys, continuous improvement, or more—reach out to discover solutions that are right for you.

"I felt this workshop opened my eyes to some of the areas I need to continue strengthening or improving in regards to building relationships and providing opportunities for growth for my students."
Workshop Participant Intentional Relationships

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of being both intentional and inclusive in building relationships with young people and know the difference between the two concepts.
  • Understand the essential and positive role that developmental relationships play in youth development.
  • Have a detailed understanding of the 5 elements of the Developmental Relationships Framework.
  • Begin to view your work through the lens of the Developmental Relationships Framework.
  • Identify the Developmental Relationships element you want to become more intentional about over the month following the workshop.
  • Know the definitions of and the differences between activities and approaches and why both strategies need to be implemented to help all young people succeed.
  • Know how to use the Relationships Builder’s Guidebook to start and strengthen relationships in their organizations.
  • Create a personal commitment to become more intentional about building relationships with young people.

Workshop Structure

  • In-Person: Full-day or half-day session (up to six hours) at your location
  • Virtual: Two sessions (~2 hour each) through SI-hosted videoconferencing

Who Should Attend

Staff and leaders from:

  • Schools

  • After-school and out-of-school-time programs

  • Mentoring programs

  • Juvenile justice organizations

  • Libraries

  • Coalitions

  • Parents

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