So Cap Improvement Impact Hero

Improvement for Impact

Actionable and insightful social capital data can inform your organization’s progress and impact.

An Improvement Mindset

One of the best ways to ensure your organization’s success is to ground your work with an improvement mindset. An improvement mindset means addressing challenges by making small, measurable, and feasible changes to your approach and practice. This won’t be an easy task, but it will be rewarding! False starts, misunderstandings, and bumps in the road may occur along the way because improvement is not a linear process. We can invite those moments in, learn from them, and reorient ourselves as we go. 

Check out the WHEELS Case Study to learn more about continuous improvement.

Take a Guided Approach to Improvement

We are invested in your success so that all young people have the relationships and resources they need in order to reach their goals. We know that improvement efforts can be challenging to monitor with limited time and resources. To support you in your improvement efforts, we’ve created a four-step approach to making organizational change a reality:

  1. Prepare. Help your organization and the young people you serve understand the importance of social capital.
  2. Implement. Collect data to better understand the current state of youth social capital within your organization
  3. Reflect. Make sense of and reflect on your social capital data findings.
  4. Act. Start taking action by identifying some simple steps and strategies your organization can take today!