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Make meaning of the state of social capital in your organization using data reflection tools.

Making Meaning of Data

In order to successfully use your data to create change and become a social capital promoting organization, an important first step is to reflect and make meaning of your findings.

Reflecting on your organizational data with others promotes collaboration, increased understanding, and a culture of continuous improvement. It can maximize the value of data by incorporating diverse perspectives, which often leads to more comprehensive, well-informed, and effective strategies for growth and improvement.

Data Reflection Tools

Various tools can be used to help you and your organization make sense of your social capital data. Some of these tools are designed to promote individual reflection while others are designed to support collaborative conversation and meaning making. This selection of activities provides different approaches that can be used to better make sense of your findings.

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The Ladder of Inference

The Ladder of Inference is an independent reflection tool designed to help you ask yourself questions about data findings.

Focused Conversations About Data

The ORID (Objective, Reflective, Interpretative, and Decisional) Process is an effective way to have a collaborative conversation about your data findings with colleagues.

Focus Group Guide

Qualitative data can dive deep into the “why” behind survey responses, often shedding light on the underlying factors that influence young people’s attitudes and behaviors.