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Build Partnerships and Supporting Structures

Build is the first domain of the Social Capital Framework. It focuses on building partnerships and the structures needed to promote social capital organization-wide.

Build the Foundation to Create a Relationship-Rich Climate

The first domain of the Social Capital Framework focuses on actions that organizational leaders can take to ensure that they are able to create the conditions that lead to a social capital promoting environment. Two ways youth-serving organizations can set themselves up for success is by building partnerships with other organizations and building supporting structures that prioritize and promote social capital organization-wide.


Key Principles to Build

Inputs needed to support an organization that prioritizes relationships.
Supporting structures may include hiring practices, programming, policies, and internal communications that emphasize the importance of relationships and social capital, and recognize staff who are great relationship builders and connectors.

Strong relationships with your community and other organizations who can support your mission.
Organizations are embedded in communities, and therefore have the opportunity to build partnerships with other organizations to expand their own web of support. These partnerships can increase access to community resources that may be beneficial for supporting your capacity and youth social capital

Success Stories from the Field

To see what building supporting structures and impactful partnerships look like in practice, see how two youth-serving organizations, Youth Connect and Youth Empowerment Initiative, implemented these strategies into their respective organizations.

The Youth Opportunity Checkup

Are you a Social Capital Promoting Organization?