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Get your organization ready to promote social capital by increasing awareness about its importance.

Build Social Capital Awareness

To become a social capital promoting organization, a first step is to ensure that all stakeholders understand the importance of social capital and why it is worth investing in. This includes gaining buy-in from young people, program staff, program leaders, families, and the broader community. Take the steps below to build consensus and support for the importance of youth social capital.

5 Key Steps Your Organization Can Take to Build Buy-In

  • Embed Social Capital into Your Organization’s Vision. Make social capital a central component of your organization's mission and vision. Regularly evaluate and communicate its impact to maintain buy-in over time.

  • Education and Training. Start by educating staff, volunteers, and stakeholders about youth social capital and its significance. Provide resources to help staff understand what social capital is, how it aligns with your organization’s mission, and how it can positively impact the lives of youth.

  • Demonstrate Impact. Share success stories and data that highlight how social capital has positively impacted the lives of young people in your school or program.

  • Engage Stakeholders. Involve key stakeholders, including families and community leaders, in discussion about the importance of youth social capital. Seek their input, address their concerns, and demonstrate how this approach aligns with the organization’s broader goals and values.

  • Involve Youth. Empower young people to become advocates for social capital. Encourage them to share their experiences and insights, demonstrating how building social connections has positively impacted their lives.

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Resources for Building Social Capital Awareness

Social Capital Customizable Presentation

Use this customizable slide deck to help you share information with key stakeholders about the importance of social capital for all young people.

What is Youth Social Capital?

This short video is a great way to help young people understand the importance of social capital, how to begin building a web of relationships, and how to mobilize the power of social capital as they begin to define and work toward their goals.

The Value of Social Capital for Young People

A brief infographic to help key stakeholders understand the importance of social capital.