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Take action to become a social capital promoting organization today.

Reflect. Share. Act.

Your data findings offer many insights that can inform your efforts to promote young people’s social capital growth and development. You may have identified specific actions to take based on particular findings. Use the Youth Opportunity Reflection Guide to help you reflect on your next steps.

  • What? What things did you learn?

  • Say What? What questions or challenges do you foresee?

  • So What? What possibilities do you see?

  • Now What? What steps or efforts would you or your organization are willing to try?

The key is to start taking action by reflecting on some simple steps you and your organization can take to get started on your social capital journey today.

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Take Action Using these Social Capital Activities

Mapping Your Community Resources

Create a pathway through which your organization can connect youth to resources.

Social Capital Reflection

Collaborate with colleagues to reflect on the role of social capital in your organization.

Mapping Young People’s Web of Support

Support young people in identifying the people they know who can help them as they work toward their life goals.

Strengthening Young People’s Web of Support

Support young people in identifying relationships and connections that they may want to strengthen.

Activating Young People’s Web of Support

Help young people use a networking log to enact a plan for professional outreach.

Improvement May Take More than One Try

Your journey doesn’t stop here. Improvement happens over time and is a continuous process. Repeat the steps in our guided improvement approach (Prepare, Implement, Reflect, and Act) to continue to refine, monitor, and improve programs and practices over time. Your journey will not always look the same. For example, if you already created awareness and have built buy-in among key stakeholders about the importance of social capital, you may spend less time in the Prepare stage. The key, however, is to keep moving through this process in order to evaluate what is working well and what changes need to be made to ensure all young people are being fully supported.

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Introducing the Youth Opportunity Navigator

Becoming a social capital promoting organization takes work and additional support. The Youth Opportunity Navigator is an exciting new tool being developed by Search Institute in collaboration with youth-serving organizations and schools. It supports organizations and practitioners in measuring and strengthening social capital using our guided improvement approach. Learn more today!

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