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Collaborative Decision-Making | Assessment and Homework

A selection of Student Voice tools and resources focused on assessment and homework.

Various tool types can be used to engage students in collaborative decision making about the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and homework, and classroom culture. Some of these tools require working with an individual student, some are better suited to small group work, and others are designed to promote whole class discussion. Whichever tool type you use, the benefits will redound to the entire class. These tools are focused on assessment and homework.


This or That


Involve students in deciding what types of assignments you will provide for homework by using a this-or-that template.

Liberatory Assessments

Small Group

Engage small groups in remixing and rewriting assessment questions.

Co-construct a Rubric with the Fishbone

Whole Class

Engage the whole class in co-constructing a rubric for evaluating student work.

Student Voice Toolkit

Student Voice in the Classroom