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Collaborative Decision Making | Classroom Culture

A selection of Student Voice tools and resources focused on classroom culture.

Various tool types can be used to engage students in collaborative decision making about the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and homework, and classroom culture. Some of these tools require working with an individual student, some are better suited to small group work, and others are designed to promote whole class discussion. Whichever tool type you use, the benefits will redound to the entire class. Below we offer an example of each tool type for each focal area.


Class Ombuds


Identify student who can relay student concerns to you.

Critical Friends Protocol

Small Group

Engage in a discussion that allows the class to co-construct classroom norms and a positive classroom culture.

Snowball Norms

Small Group

Use small groups to co-construct classroom norms and a positive classroom.

Restorative Justice Circle

Whole Class

Involve the class in repairing harm after a violation of community norms.

Student Voice Toolkit

Student Voice in the Classroom