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Colorful Conversations

Colorful Conversations: Express Care with the Questions You Ask is a 30-minute activity where participants take turns sharing about themselves using a set of prompts tied to each color of candy (or another colorful object) they have.

Young people tell us that “really paying attention when we are together” is a foundation for showing care in a relationship. Our research shows that one aspect of good listening is asking good questions. Participants will discuss a series of prompts about their relationships, including family, friends, pets, and people they admire. They can also explore their dreams and plans for the future.

Planning and Preparation: This 30-minute activity works with any group size, and is best with five or more participants. You will need to download and print one of the Colorful Conversations Code Handouts. Or you can customize and put them into a blank handout. You’ll need a bag of multicolored candies, like M&Ms or Skittles (enough for each participant to take a small handful). You can also use marbles, pieces of paper, legos or any other small item that comes in a variety of colors. You’ll need enough space to start in a circle and then break into small groups.

Developmental Relationship Element: Express care.

CASEL Competencies: Listening, communication, self-awareness, relationship skills.

Objective: Build and strengthen relationships among participants and between participants and leaders. Deepen understanding of Express Care within Search Institute's developmental relationships framework.


Colorful Conversations

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5-15 Minutes



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Pairs Small Groups (3-5) Whole Group (Any Size)

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16-30 Minutes