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Identity Wheel

A downloadable activity where participants learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds, heritage, talents, and skills.

Identity Wheel is a 30-minute downloadable activity where participants reflect on and share aspects of their identities. Learning about another person’s cultural background, heritage, talents, and skills can help people understand one another better, building a foundation for stronger developmental relationships.

Planning and Preparation: This activity can be done with any number of participants. You’ll need to download the Identity Wheel and provide a pen or pencil for each participant. It is helpful if the facilitator has filled out their own Identity Wheel before beginning the activity, and can share some details about themselves. Works best in a space where people can pair up and talk without being distracted by others.

Developmental Relationship Element: All.

CASEL Competencies: Self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making.

Objective: Build and strengthen relationships among participants and between participants and leaders.


Identity Wheel

Resource Type


Read Time

Under 5 Minutes


Teachers Youth Youth Program Leaders

# of Participants


Task Group Size

Pairs Whole Group (Any Size)

Task Length

16-30 Minutes