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Student Feedback | Assessment and Homework

Various tool types can be used to solicit student input into or feedback. Some of these tools are survey-based, using either number scales or open-ended responses. Some are discussion-based, involving interviews, small group discussions, or whole class discussions. Some are more creative, and rely on skits and role-playing, drawings, or photographs. These activities and tools focus on assessment and homework.

A REMS survey is a short 4 question survey that can help teachers see how students feel about the quantity and quality of the homework they assign. Homework Journal and Debrief solicits feedback from students in real-time, allowing them to share more about what’s happening while they complete their homework, how they’re feeling, how motivated they are while completing the homework assignment, and what they see as the purpose or point of the homework assigned. Using Microsoft’s Flip or another video/audio recording system, students can do a Video Guided Response and provide video feedback about how they’re progressing through an assignment.


REMS Survey


Determine how reasonable, effective, and meaningful students find the homework you assign.

Homework Journal and Debrief


Learn about how students view homework through free writings and a debriefing discussion.

Video Guided Response


Discover how students are experiencing homework and moving toward a goal through a metacognitive guide.

Student Voice Toolkit

Student Voice in the Classroom