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Three Wishes Magic Wand

Three Wishes Magic Wand: Affirming Wishes to Express Care is a 30-minute activity where participants take turns sharing a wish they have for their life. The rest of the group listens and writes down positive words of encouragement for the person who shared.

Our research shows that words of encouragement are important for expressing care in relationships. This activity helps participants learn to express care for each other by affirming each other’s wishes.

Planning and Preparation: This 30-minute activity works with 6-8 participants. You will need a magic wand (could be a toy wand, a cool-looking talking stick, a decorated pencil or stick, or any item that can be passed), blank index cards, pens or pencils, colorful sticky notes, a white board or poster paper, and a timer (optional). Works best in a space where the whole group can sit in a circle and hear one another. Facilitators should set expectations for the group to be supportive so that participants feel comfortable sharing. Some participants may need followup afterwards.

Developmental Relationship Element: Express Care.

CASEL Competencies: listening, giving/receiving feedback, communication, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills.

Objective: Build and strengthen relationships among participants and between participants and leaders. Deepen understanding of Express Care within Search Institute's developmental relationships framework.


Three Wishes Magic Wand

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Under 5 Minutes



# of Participants

6-10 Participants

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Independent Medium Groups (6-15)

Task Length

16-30 Minutes